About M.E. Coaching

To empower people, simultaneously through coaching and training, to recognize and exploit their potential to make their dreams and goals come true.


M.E. Coaching® is an open space where people can safely discover and challenge themselves according to their needs and resources. We help our clients to identify the strength in their weaknesses and use them as a tool in their daily life.


Loyalty unshakable in allegiance
Confidentiality all information shared is to be kept secret and between the parties
Tolerance acceptance and patience with the beliefs, opinions or practices of others
Honesty be truthful in every moment
Result-oriented results, results, results…


Coaching principles
Openness attitude of receptivity to new and different ideas and behaviors
Communication disposition to a constant and permanent dialogue by listening actively, speaking with intention and giving feedback
Flexibility willingness to adapt or change to the influence of others
Commitment compromise to do something promised in the future
Perseverance continuing in a course of action without regard to discouragement, opposition or previous failure
Patience content to wait if necessary without losing one’s temper while waiting
Motivation inner drive to achieve goals
MSc Marlies Endres

MSc Marlies Endres