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M.E. COACHING® focuses on people with big dreams but low resources. It is customized to each individual according to their resources – online coaching is possible as well as support in 4 different languages. With the support of cooperation partners – lawyer, therapist, health manager and financial partner – and a global network, it encloses all topics around goal setting and achievement, including not only the traditional coaching but training opportunities to close soft- and hard-skills gaps.



…is a goal- and need-oriented transmission of information. It helps you become “the version of you” that you strive for, by breaking your own paradigms and transforming your weaknesses into strengths. 

Coaches are neither therapists nor consultants. However, coaching is supported by disciplines such as sociology, psychology and other types of counseling.

The role of a coach is to focus on the person, their life-situation, to identify structures and patterns which have been or can become problematic and turn them into opportunities. Coaching doesn’t solve the problems, but helps you get the tools to do so.

Life Coaching Career Coaching Advantages
…is a type of coaching which focuses on the person in all its levels and concentrates on its personal development. It allows you to know yourself better and identify your goals to such a point that you can understand and overcome your own paradigms and undergo a change process that will allow you to achieve your life goals. …focuses on your academic and/or professional goals, making an effective correlation between your profile and the job market. It focuses on issues such as career exploration, career change, personal career development and other career related issues.

­ Increase of efficiency while increasing job performance

­ Discovery of own abilities and limits

­ Process and resource optimization

­ Higher satisfaction

­ Dreams become sizeable!

­ Access to an exchange and innovation area

­ Acquisition of an objective ally


…is the organization, preparation, execution and follow-up of meetings to gain structure and maintain the power-balance between the participants to ensure results. We offer moderation of online and offline intra- and intercultural get-togethers.


…is the transference of knowledge, skills and competencies through online or offline dynamics and materials. We offer the following workshops on Goal Setting and Tracking, Intercultural skills, Interpersonal skills, Presentation skills, Team Management, Time Management and other Soft skills.
MSc Marlies Endres

MSc Marlies Endres