Meetings can be in English, German or Spanish. International clients possible through Skype and other online tools. Prices differ between ‚online’ and ‚face-to-face meetings’.


M.E. Hour Price
Trainee currently participating in an internship 20,00€25,00€
Students with a valid student ID 25,00€30,00 €
Unemployed currently receiving social help 25,00€30,00 €
Retiree receiving pension 25,00€30,00 €
Employed 30,00 €35,00 €


M.E. Combos Price
Full package4 online or offline meetings and e-mail 150,00 € / month
E-mail coachingindefinite e-mails with 36-hours reply policy 50,00 €/ month
Trimester meetings3 to 4 hours face-to-face meeting 35,00 €/ hour
Extra meetingsmeetings without 24 hours’ notice 15,00 € + M.E. Hour


Other prices Price
First Meeting Free of charge
First Stage 100€
Recommendation 1 meeting for free
Variable Price according to KPIs
Cancelation fee 50% of the meeting price when without 36-hours notice


NOTE: All coaching prices are calculated for a duration between 15 and 60 min. Conversations for less than 15 min are free of charge. More than 60 min will charged accordingly.

MSc Marlies Endres

MSc Marlies Endres